Equine Insurance for Brokers SPECIALIST EQUESTRIAN
Peliwica Insurance develops exciting, innovative and customer driven Equestrian, Rural, Classic and Agricultural products and services for the UK Broker community. 

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Welcome To Peliwica Insurance

Peliwica Insurance is an exciting new Insurance Managing General Agent, we specialise in:
  •  Horse Insurance 
  •  Horsebox Insurance
  •  Motorhome Insurance
  •  Classic Vehicle Insurance
  •  Rural and Farm Motor insurance
  •  Rural Home Insurance
  •  Agricultural insurance

"Our business is focused on working in Partnership with our selected Brokers and Affinity organisations, bringing a new and exciting way of working that gives absolute focus on Customer and Product value.  We believe we are unique and bring a new concept to our Partners."

Managing Director - Peter Cooper

Fully Responsive Broker Platform

We have developed in conjunction with our digital Partner, Tigerlab, a fully responsive, Broker platform, with full cycle New Business, MTA, Multi-policy, Workflow, Single Customer View, Renewal, dynamic rating and with full third party and 'big data' integration.  Giving our Brokers a simple, effective and convenient way to do business with us!

Well thought out Products

Our products have been developed using insight that has been gathered across Consumers, Brokers, industry experts and performance data, this enables peliwica to produce products that not only meet the needs of the end customer but also our Brokers and other key Partners.  

Accelerated launch capability

To be able to act quickly for our Brokers and their Customers is key to our business, we have built both our digital and business architecture in such a way we can flex and react quickly to Customer, Industry, Product and Service demands in an ever changing environment.  We are proud to be able to bring Products and Services to market in accellerated timescales, this makes us market leading and totally responsive to our Broker and Partner needs. 

Case Study One

Watch this space...  we will be talking more about how we are bringing our Equine product to market quickly and how we used customer insight to help us develop it! 

Case Study Two

More to come... We are working hard with selected Brokers as part of our launch strategy and beyond!!

Project Digital 

Learn how we managed to develop and put live our full end to end digital Broker platform in less than 3 months!

Voice of the Customer wins the day!

Start with the customer! Easier said than done, however, we believe that the Service Design Blueprint methodology we use allows us to work with customers and all our Partners in order to understand and then design an great experience and product...